#Feed5000 The hope Exchange

Raise R1 000 a day for 27 days

Companies and individuals are invited to donate to help us raise R1 000 a day with money or non-perishable products.

We already have some sponsors, but we need to supplement the fresh produce for our meals with pantry basics.

To help raise the R1000 a day target you can

  • Donate any amount from as little as R10.
  • Bring any non-perishable food products with when you come for your volunteer day or drop it off at our premises at
    14 A Roeland street (close to Parliament).
  • Fundraise at your office and/or organise a Christmas collection with your staff, family and friends. We will appreciate your efforts to deliver, but we will collect large donations.

Donate using any of our 3 payment methods, please use Feed5000 as your reference

(The Carpenter’s Shop trading as The Hope Exchange)

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The Carpenter’s Shop
Nedbank, Gardens Centre
Branch Code: 101-009
Account No: 1010076043
Swift Code: NEDSZAJJ


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Donate via Payfast here

Add 3 items (or more) to your shopping trolley with anything on our wish list

  • Maize meal
  • Rice
  • Pasta e.g spaghetti
  • 2-minute noodles
  • Oats
  • Tinned food like baked beans
  • Oros or any other cordial mix
  • Spices, soup stock, salt and pepper
  • Tomato sauce and chutney
  • Individual size Liqui Fruit
  • Biscuits and individual size chocolates

Healthy treats
(only if you can donate the full number of fruits needed for a day)

  • 350 apples
  • 350 bananas
  • 350 oranges/nartjies
  • 350 peaches/nectarines
  • Watermelons enough for 350 slices

for more information please contact Melissa to discuss.


021 461 5508