The Hope Exchange

Covid-19 Protocol

#Feed5000 Covid-19 Protocol

Our current circumstances require extraordinary measures to curb the spread of infections as this effects all of us. We need to keep each other safe, whilst still doing what we can to support those communities who will be hardest hit – the homeless being one of them.


During Feed5000, gatherings are unavoidable hence we, along with our  partners Ladles of Love, RPJ Helping Hands and everyone involved are putting in place stringent measures of prevention and control, as it is essential to minimise the risk of the spread of the virus by limiting contact among groups of people.


In a complex situation like this, continuing our Feed5000 campaign increases the risk of spreading the virus and not continuing it will mean the homeless community will go without food, both of which pose a health risk for them and we believe will also pose a major risk for the city in general.


We have however put severe measures of control to safeguard both our guests and volunteers who will hopefully continue to support and assist us as we need to keep each other safe. 


It is imperative to note the following:

  • Volunteers CANNOT volunteer unless they are wearing a mask and or protective face covering. On arrival their hands will be sprayed with hand sanitizer and gloves immediately put on. They will also be given a hair net and disposable plastic apron to wear. Any volunteer not willing to take this measures cannot work at the kitchen and will be turned away.
  • Hugs and handshakes must be avoided ENTIRELY. No physical contact between volunteers or with guests.
  • Once volunteers have put on all their protective gear a debriefing will be done to make them aware of the situation and only then will we start setting up. Volunteers who arrive late and miss the debriefing WILL NOT be allowed in.
  • We will only allow 30 guests to enter at any one time. Gates will be kept closed and managed to enforce this system.
  • Guests will be asked to queue with 1m distance between them.
  • Food cannot be eaten on site, guests must collect their tub and leave the premises immediately.
  • Once everyone has received a meal we will pack up and return everything to the kitchen.

Once everything is packed away and tidied, only then will hairnets, masks, and aprons be removed. Hands will be once again sprayed with sanitiser and volunteers must leave immediately, minimising contact with each other as they do so.

We trust our volunteers to do the right thing and cancel their volunteer booking if:

  • they display ANY symptoms of the virus
  • have returned from foreign travel in the last 14 days
  • have been in contact with someone who has travelled abroad in the last 14 days

If we all do the right thing, if we all self-police, follow recommended safety measures, avoid risk and misinformation and most of all, choose to continue to care about one another – we can survive this together and assist those less fortunate than ourselves through it too.

For any further questions, please contact Sharnelle at 021 461 5508 / sharnelle@thehopeexchange.org.za