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Help us serve food, hope and love

As one of the only official feeding programs over the festive period, #Feed5000, aims to provide more than 12,000 meals to Cape Town’s homeless community from The Hope Exchange’s premises at 14A Roeland Street between 14 December 2023 and 15 January 2024.

During the holidays most of the regular meal providers close and the city centre empties making sources of food for the homeless extremely limited. #Feed5000 is seen as a ray of hope for the hungry by not only serving them meals but also letting them know they are not forgotten.

The #Feed5000 program has grown significantly since its start in 2014 due to the increase in demand from the homeless and people at risk of becoming so. With this year’s food and gas prices, we are expecting to see more people having no other option than receiving meals from us and it will be a bigger financial challenge to purchase and cook the food. The Hope Exchange will only be able to do this with the kindness and generosity of our supporters. Therefore we ask for you to help feed those in need. Use the below buttons to learn more about how to get involved.


The Hope Exchange team is grateful for Ladles of Love’s collaboration and partnership. Not only for #Feed5000, but throughout the year.

The organisation have their kitchen on The Hope Exchange’s premises and we have the joy of interacting with the team every day.

Any questions? Please reach out to Marie. (marie@thehopeexchange.org – 0746813995)