The Hope Exchange

Donors, sponsors and partners

Without our corporate sponsors, individual donors and partners we will not be able to make a difference in the daily lives of our clients.

The board of directors and staff would like to thank our loyal supporters for their contributions and interest in our cause. We urge everyone to continue participating in this area of charitable giving that is often overlooked but is growing daily as economic circumstances and job losses impact on our country’s social care infrastructure.

Become a corporate donor or sponsor

Get in touch with Peter Solomon to see how you can become a partner. Email us at info@thehopeexchange.org to set up a meeting.

Monetary/corporate sponsors

Communities are at the core of our city because they are fundamental to creating a sense of belonging. We are constantly on the lookout for ways to foster greater integration and cooperation because we are truly stronger together than we are apart. It is our goal to transform the quality of life for all our citizens by creating vibrant and liveable neighbourhoods in which everyone can prosper and realise their full potential.

The NLC acts a catalyst for eradicating poverty and reducing inequality in South Africa, channelling 47% of its annual budget for distribution of funds to a range of good causes. The Charities Sector receives the largest share of funds and covers a wide range of organisations in the social welfare, community health, literacy, and social development fields.

The Maynard Group concentrates largely on the importation and distribution of a wide range of office machinery. With branches in Johannesburg and Durban and an established Dealer network throughout Southern Africa, Maynards Office Technology is committed to supplying the very best quality of office products, lasting solutions, and technical support.
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Charity partners

The Community Chest’s vision of a country where all individuals and families reach their human potential is based on the fundamentality of access to Health, Education, Income-Generation and Community Development. These 4 key strategic focus areas facilitate social change to inspire a citizenship that is active, engaged and impactful. 
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FoodForward SA is the largest food redistribution organisation in South Africa. Established in 2009 to address widespread hunger in South Africa, FoodForward SA connects a world of excess to a world of need by recovering quality edible surplus food from the consumer goods supply chain and distributing it to community organisations that serve the poor. More than 80% of the food recovered is nutritious food. They implement a model called food banking. Retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, farmers and growers partner with them to recover their edible surplus food and distribute it responsibly to provide greater access to food for vulnerable groups across our country.
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Ladles of Love is an extensive community project dedicated to feeding hungry people. Our soup kitchens feed the homeless of Cape Town every week.
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RPJ Helping Hands is an NPO focused on Loving Service to All. Aim to use this platform to honour the lives of our Loved Ones by serving the hungry and needy.
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Founded by Doris Syfret in 1935, The Service Dining Rooms serves nourishing meals every day to the people of Cape Town. Their mission is to ensure that the most vulnerable people in the community are fed and cared for on a daily basis. They source, prepare and serve a hot meal every day, and also provide cooked meals and food parcels to various at-risk communities in nearby areas (for example, old age pensioners and creches).
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Souper Troopers provides specific events and services that allow the homeless to be seen and heard. Our aim is to share dignity, love and respect while empowering the Troopers to make sustainable changes in their lives.
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UnlockD is a youth talent development business focused on preparing young job seekers to kick start their careers. We offer integrated training and development solutions to ease unemployed and unskilled youth into the world of work. We source unemployed and unskilled talent; unlock their potential, and place them in our network of partners for work-experience and employment.
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Individual donors and volunteers

Without the contribution of the public and all the individual donations and help from volunteers, our work will not be able to continue. For many people, homelessness is not a charity of choice so we do not have enough money to employ people or pay for work, yet we need the hands to carry the load. The funds we raise contribute directly to our operational costs, and there is always something to do for our friends and volunteers.

Creative and content partners

We thank everyone who has joined us on the journey of telling our story, who believe in us and in changing our clients’ lives. No money intended to serve our organisation was spent on the name change, our new identity or the update of any of our collateral.

Our new name and corporate identity were created in partnership with King James, an advertising agency in Woodstock, and we want to thank the team for their energy and creativity.

Those individuals who are interested and involved in our cause, who through their services, talent and time help us raise awareness.

City Varsity – school of media – Cape Town’s Journalism class of 2018 – content creation
Karin Henriques, content and communication partner and journalist. Contribution: content creation (photography, copy and video), marketing and branding support. Contact Karin
Lucinda Jolly, journalist, lecturer and photographer. Contribution: photographs. Contact Lucinda
Richard Vossgass, sound engineer and owner of Phonographix. Contribution: sound editing of some videos – Contact Richard
Pieter Bruwer, communication, public relation specialist and owner of PBPR. Contribution: press releases and media contact – Contact Pieter