The Hope Exchange

Vision and values

Our purpose is to serve and assist the homeless people of Cape Town.

Our Vision

To bring hope for the homeless, through dignity and opportunities for change.

Our Values

  • To treat all people with respect, understanding and fairness.
  • To serve all people regardless of race, religion, or worldview.
  • To uphold Christian principles, as set out in our constitution, abiding by wishes set out in the original trust dating back to 1841.

In 1981 Geoff Burton (left) and two friends realised the need for a place that could assist people living on the street with some of their daily challenges. Geoff retired as Chairman in 2018 but is still involved as patron, and often comes to serve and talk to the clients. He is pictured here with Janet Chadwick (former fundraiser) on Christmas day 2018 during the #feed5000 campaign.