His name is Olivia

His name is Olivia

View: Hope starts with dignity

Knowing the market. Olivia understands the market of cardboard and tin can recycling. He has his preferred and loyal clients who he sells to and who supports him. He earns up to R50 a day.

Friends in high places. Olivia sits down with his friends who sell fruit and vegetables to foot traffic on Lower Plein Street. On the streets people look out for each other.

Olivia’s home is 3m2 of pavement on the left of the cement column closest to the bus entrance to the Golden Acre. This is where Olivia feels safe at night and where Dunken keeps an eye on his belongings during the day while organising the taxis to Bonteheuwel. Having lived a homeless life of little understanding for 35 years, Olivia is a celebrity amongst the street people and vendors of Cape Town.

Pictures and video © Karin Henriques

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