Tag: <span>Helping the homeless</span>

Tag: Helping the homeless

A man of God

Pati is a learned man and a man of God.  He was accepted into the Master’s program at UWC to study Biblical Theology, and wrote his dissertation on the central and peripheral themes and characters of the Bible. Unfortunately he couldn’t complete his Masters. As a homeless person he comes …

Small reminders

Gerome grew up on a farm and worked on a farm until he lost his job. Waiting in the queue to wash, Gerome’s friendly face and enthusiastic chatter reminded Janet Chadwick (previous fundraiser) that all people were once children with big dreams and delightful optimism. 

Hope starts with a morning wash and clean clothes

Having a safe place to shower and wash their clothes is critical to the homeless who live on the street. These services give homeless people self-respect. Lack of access to facilities results in poor hygiene and further marginalisation, rendering them less able to find work or access other much-needed services …

Our new name of hope

The Carpenter’s shop in now The Hope Exchange Our new name means exactly what it says: The Hope Exchange is a refuge, the place where the homeless of Cape Town can come to exchange life on the streets for a sense of hope and the promise of a better tomorrow. …