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Volunteer Guidelines

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Volunteer guidelines

We’re excited to have you join The Hope Exchange family and want to ensure you enjoy being part of #Feed5000. Here are a few guidelines to help you have a great time volunteering.

General guidelines to note:

  • Arrive on time so that you don’t miss our briefing session.
  • Wait for our brief before you begin any.
  • If you are unsure of what you should be doing please ask The Hope Exchange or Ladles of Love staff
  • We have a food-only rule. We do not give money or any other items.
  • We are committed to leaving the area as clean as when we found it – this is an important part of volunteer duties.
  • Remember you are setting the tone for the kitchen – so please be light, loving, warm and friendly.
  • Wash/sanitise your hands or grab a pair of gloves if you’re handling food. 

Serving guests:

  • Greet all the guests you serve/interact with – let’s work with love and respect!
  • Be understanding and expect nothing in return – some of our guests are having an incredibly difficult time and might not thank you or respond warmly, and that’s ok. We don’t judge and we treat everyone equally.
  • We serve ladies, children and other vulnerable groups first. The volunteers running the queue will ensure this.
  • We only serve people in the queue, anyone approaching you for any food or juice can be politely redirected to the queue – no exceptions.
  • Only one meal per person until we serve seconds, we do not give extras for people not present. Please politely advise the person requesting more that they are welcome to rejoin the queue when we begin serving seconds instead.
  • Ask guests to keep their bowls if they would like a second serving of food.
  • We don’t argue with guests. We are kind, polite and firm. If you feel out of your depth, please just step away from the situation and please call a senior volunteer who will come to assist you.
  • Feel like you have nothing to do? Make yourself a greeter – go say hi to our guests, and ask them how the food is. Share a smile, a joke – just connect. That’s what it’s all about!

Additional notes:

  • Photos are permitted – but please do not take any images of children under any circumstances. Please check with our guests directly if they are happy to be photographed, and respect them if they are not.
  • REMEMBER to share your pics on social media and tag us – The Hope Exchange and our partners Ladles of Love and RPJ Helping Hands (It’s not bragging – it really helps us spread the word and reach more people.)
  • We may use images and videos taken on various platforms (social media, digital marketing, newspaper etc.) to promote the work we do, by volunteering for us you automatically consent to us making use of any of these images/videos you are in.
  • We are extremely grateful for your service and time as a volunteer however The Hope Exchange, our staff and or volunteers including our partners and any associates cannot be held liable for any losses/injuries incurred whilst volunteering for The Hope Exchange.
  • Valuables are best left somewhere safe – we don’t have lockers or an office for you to leave them.
  • If you’d like to bring stuff with you to donate, we are always in need of hygiene products for our washing and laundry facilities, non-perishable goods for food parcels, clothing and shoes. Please hand it over to one of The Hope Exchange’s friendly staff members.

For any further questions, please contact Marie at 074 618 3995 / marie@thehopeexchange.org