The start of Feed5000

The start of Feed5000

Feed5000 was first launched in 2014 at The Hope Exchange and ran for
22 days over December and January.  The initiative was started in order to address food scarcity by providing meals to the homeless over the holiday period – a time when there are often less
meal services available to those most in need.

In its first year a total of 6,219 meals were served by volunteers in
partnership with other charities.  Fast forward to today and we are on
target to triple that number.  Every year Feed5000 has grown due to
our kind supporters always wanting to help and the ever increasing
need to provide some comfort for the homeless and hungry within our
own community.

The meals we serve are healthy, nourishing, and cooked fresh every
day.  And on Christmas day we often serve a more traditional style
lunch such as roast chicken, potato salad, sweet carrots, and
beetroot, with cupcakes for dessert.

The 2020/21 initiative will be run in partnership with Ladles of Love
and RPJ helping hands, from 12th December through to 17th January – 37
days straight and we aim to serve 18,500 meals, making it our biggest
event yet!

Information provided by: Janet Chadwick

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