Black Friday turned to ‘Give Back Friday’

Black Friday turned to ‘Give Back Friday’

As we all know, Black Friday is a massive day of shopping! People spend millions during this period but for some, buying even the basics are not even possible. That’s why, our team at Burnt decided that for every order placed on Black Friday, we’ll hand out a meal to someone less fortunate. It’s a small gesture but we are firm believers that a lot of small gestures add up to make a massive impact!

After the campaign we decided to try and do even MORE and that is when we approached The Hope Exchange. We live just around the corner of their soup kitchen in Roeland Street and we always see the amazing work they do! We decided to partner with them and sponsor an entire day of feeding the homeless as part of their #Feed5000 campaign and we could not be more excited!

Thanks once again to everyone who helped to make this possible. Our amazing customers who support us, the entire Burnt Team, and lastly The Hope Exchange and partners! 8 January is going to be a very special day for us.

Written by: Pierre Cronje (Burnt Co-Founder)

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